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"Always treat your stakeholders exactly as you want them to treat your best customers."

The MICE market refers to a specialized niche of group tourism dedicated to planning, booking and facilitating, conferences, seminars and other event which is a game changer of any organization.

We assist corporate in their quest for providing memorable experiences and team encouragement.


There are 3 secrets in organizing corporate meetings: planning, planning and planning! At HARIMAL, we can organize corporate meetings, regardless of size, by meticulous planning and attention to every detail. We cover absolutely everything: from choosing the appropriate location and transportation up to catering and secretarial support. Thus, we make sure that every meeting will roll flawlessly and will be as productive and fruitful as it was intended to be.


Incentive trips are proven to be one of the most effective ways for moralizing and reward company people. At HARIMAL, we strive to offer even more added value to these trips. Since we always speak to our corporate customers on a personal basis, we are well aware of their culture and special characteristics. Thus, we plan trips which are inspired, enhanced with creative and leisure activities and tailor made for the customer’s profile. The result? A unique lifetime experience for every participant!


Organizing conferences demands knowledge and expertise. At Harimal we have both! We have organized several conferences with absolute success. We have developed our own instruction manual for planning, coordination and effective execution of any type of conference. We always employ experienced congress coordinators who handle selection and configuration of locations, deal with sponsors and media coverage, and organize accommodation services, catering, transportation, secretarial and technical support, parallel recreational activities etc. Finally, we employ specialized personnel for each of the aforementioned fields.


What is more important than a company event? A successful company event! At HARIMAL, we make sure that every company event is going to be successful and remembered by all company’s people and their guests. Whether it is the launch of a new product or service, the celebration of a corporate anniversary, the retirement of a legendary CEO, or any other reason, we are ready to take charge and coordinate the event. We respect the special needs of each and every event and take into consideration every company’s philosophy and aesthetics. This is why we always succeed in producing results which exceed expectations!

Most Valued Service

Committed Travel Service

Conference Management

Hotel Tie Up

  • Contracting

  • Check-in procedures

  • F&B Management

  • In Room Placements

  • Ideation and Planning

  • Thematic Branding

  • Conference Registration

  • Conference giveaway management

  • Gala Events

  • Airline Booking

  • Hotel Package & Management

  • Airport Facilitation

  • Pick Up & Drop Management

  • Inter City Transfer To Venue

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