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Working With Harimal Corporation Pvt Ltd as an Artist

Work Contract: Our policy does not permit to conduct business with Artist without a valid contract. If you are a first-time artist working with Harimal,  you must not agree to undertake any work till the legal formalities of enrollment are complete. Our policy does not allow to undertake any liability of payment towards suppliers not legally enrolled into our system. This is a one-time process and you must complete these formalities prior to accepting any work. For more details you may write in to

Work Orders (WO): At Harimal we have a saying, “No WO, No Payment”. But very seriously, no work should be performed until a WO is issued. We require WOs and request that no work is performed until one is issued, No one at Harimal is authorized to issue work of any value without a valid work order issued to the Artists. All our WO’s are centrally released by the finance team. Before you commence work you must courier/hand over at our office, a signed copy of the PO to the finance team. For more details you may write in to

SOW and delivery of work: Please carefully review the SOW needed for proof of execution and quality terms prior to undertaking work or accepting a WO. Work, which does not pass our quality and/or reporting requirements, will not be considered for payment.

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